The Tataouine SDK

About the dependencies

Downloading Tataouine

Tataouine allows to deploy the complete WooKey SDK using repo to collect and deploy the overall WooKey git repositories. This allows to support various applications, libraries and drivers profiles for versatile hardware platforms using the manifest file to select the corresponding list of software elements.


Please install repo on your build host first before continuing

About Tataouine hierarchy

Now that the basics have been covered, we can dive deeper in the Tataouine architecture to understand how it works and how software modules are integrated, configured, built and flashed.

The Tataouine SDK hosts all needed sources and configuration to build an embedded system based on EwoK microkernel.

Tataouine contains the following main directories:

Directory Purpose
kernel the EwoK microkernel
drivers Userspace drivers of various hardware IP
libs Userspace libraries
loader Platform bootloader