12. Roadmap

12.1. About the components versioning

12.1.1. Versions of the components

The WooKey project is composed of multiple software and hardware components. These components are versioned depending on their maturity level, using the standard x.y.z triplet, where:

  • x is the major version
  • y is the minor update step
  • z is the current patchset

In WooKey, we consider that a software component reaches its release 1.0.0 when:

  • All the features requested by the development team have been implemented and improved
  • The code quality is good enough (this part is mostly subjective, we use various code checkers to validate RTE - Run Time Errors - absence, code complexity and style, etc.)
  • The component design is portable and generic enough (depending on the component)
  • The component documentation is complete

12.1.2. About component maturity

maturity level

Maturity level consideration in WooKey:

  • Up to 0.2, the component is a draft, neither stable nor clean
  • Up to 0.4, the component has a part of the requested features written. These features may be unstable in some cases. Some other features are missing, the code architecture is not clean, the quality check and the documentation is not yet made
  • up to 0.6, the component is stable for a given usage, but is neither portable nor architecture-clean. It may require a cleaner rewrite (automaton design, and so on). The quality check is incomplete, the documentation may be missing
  • up to 0.8, the component is stable. The code architecture may require some enhancement (style, simplification, optimization). The RTE check (through static analysis and so on) should have been passed at least one time. The documentation may still be missing. All core features should be written and stable. Optional features may be missing.
  • up to 1.0, the component architecture should be clean. Component architecture, style, RTE check should be okay. The documentation should be written. The component reaches the 1.0 version when no part is missing
  • after 1.0, the master branch of the component evolves including new features, potential bugfixes, etc.

Life-cycle of the component and evolution of the maturity level:

  • First complete release or huge evolution with potential API incompatible content impact the major value (aka x).
  • New feature releases impact the minor value (aka y)
  • Bugfixes, RTE check, architecture and style updates impact the patchset value (aka z)

12.2. Planned Updates and wishlist

The following roadmap describes:

  • The various components planned updates
  • Potential new features the project team wishes to implement or to see in the WooKey ecosystem in the next months

12.2.1. Components planned updates

Component Update
EwoK Finalize the Ada/SPARK implementation. The ADA kernel should no more rely on any C code
Tataouine Support for RDP2 lock tooling through make target(s). Set device OTP area when locked
Bootloader Usage of flash OTP area for more efficient RDP2 lock check, in association with Tataouine
libmassstorage Move USB BULK stack into a dedicated library. libmassstorage becomes libscsi
STM32F4 USB driver Clean reimplementation of the USB FS/HS driver, control plane inside a libusbcontrol independent library
libstd Full cleaning of the allocator implementation. Add PRNG support with various random sources (beyond the TRNG), e.g. HMAC-DRBG

12.2.2. Ecosystem wished updates

Feature name Description
libusbrawhid RAW HID stack over USB driver, to prepare HID support for various standards such as FIDO2
libjtag JTAG protocol stack over USB driver, to behave like a JTAG probe


This project is Open-Source and contributions are welcome! If you wish to implement or update any software feature, merge requests are accepted


Community updates or evolution is supported through classical github pull requests