Quick start

Welcome to the WooKey project quick start guide. The philosophy, main purpose and features of the project are summarized in the The WooKey project section.

The project needs some dependencies, please check the Tools needed by the SDK itself section to fetch them.

In order to download the current project and build the EwoK microkernel as well as the example applications using the Tataouine SDK, please refer to the Install and build procedure section for a step by step walk through.

For now, only two example use cases are provided with WooKey:

  • The ‘blinky’ use case (see The ‘blinky’ basic app): a standalone application toggles the board LEDs and waits for user button pressing events to switch its toggling pattern
  • The ‘blinky with IPC’ use case (see The ‘blinky with IPC basic’ apps): two applications communicating with IPC and realizing the same functional behavior as the ‘blinky’ use case

Once the firmware is built, you can flash a target board using the procedure described in Flashing a new firmware. Currently, only the STM32 Discovert F407 is supported, but more boards (including our custom WooKey board) will come in the next months as explained in the The WooKey release roadmap section.

If you have all the Tools needed by the SDK itself installed, you can directly clone the repository:

repo init -u https://github.com/wookey-project/manifest.git
repo sync